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Flag of Botswana

Table of contents

Intro into Botswana

Botswana is located in Southern Africa and it’s one of the richest in sub-Saharan Africa. It gained its independence in 1966 from Britain and shortly after a huge diamond deposit was found. Today, Botswana with a population of just over 2 million is one of the world’s largest diamond producers. Most visitors who come to this country come here to see the game reserves, which has all of Africa’s big animals. The Okavango Delta area, northwards in the Kalahari Desert, is home to more than 350 exotic species and a variety of fauna. With over 80% of the country desert, there is loads of room for all the game reserves and tours for people to go on. It’s a beautiful country and one that you definitely should visit if you come to Southern Africa.

Underground Imports
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