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Flag of Botswana


Botswana History

The Batawana or Tswana were the people here when the Europeans arrived in the early 19th century. At the start the Europeans in the area were only explorers, naturalists and miners. In the 1820s the Boers, who were in South Africa decided to cross the Vaal River into Botswana and claim it for themselves. The local Tswana people were outraged that the Boers thought they could just come in and claim the land. This created a huge war between them, which led the British to get involved. At first the British were just mediators, but when it worsened it led to the first Anglo-Boer War and the British fighting alongside the Tswana people. The British eventually won and Botswana became part of the British Empire and under direct control in 1890, by the British South Africa Company, who supervised the territory and which became known as Bechuanaland Protectorate.

Botswana remained a British colony until independence in 1966 and shortly after its independence a vast diamond deposit was found, which helped the country grow and prosper. Today, it has one of the strongest economies in Africa and with its numerous game reserves; thousands of tourists have been flocking here for years.

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