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Festivals & Events

Egyptian Festivals and Events

January – June

Abu Simbel
February 22nd

This festival is two days a year (also October 22nd) when you can see it in this temple.

Alf Leila We Leila Festival
Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt





July – December

Aida at the Pyramids
Giza, Egypt

This event is done right in front of the Pyramids.

Moulid of Sayyida Zeinab
Cairo, Egypt
This event is for two whole weeks as people party.


Arabic Music Festival
 Cairo, Egypt

The Cairo Opera House hosts this annual music festival dedicated to Arabic music.



Pharanons Rally
Cairo, Egypt

This event is an epic, cross-desert car-and-bike endurance race that begins and ends at the Giza pyramids and covers over 3100km. If yoo want to compete you will need a lot of money, but if you want to watch its free and you can see the Sprinx.



Moulid of Sayyed Ahmed Al-Badawi
Tanta, Egypt

This is one of Egypt's most religious festivals where there are loads of cobra's that are charmed out of a basket. If you have a fear of snakes then its advisable to avoid this event.



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