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South Africa

Flag of South Africa

Table of contents

Intro into South Africa

The Republic of South Africa lies at the southern end of the African continent and is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Unfortunately, internationally the country is still remembered for those apartheid years, but today it’s trying to look to the future and forget about those years. The country is nicknamed ‘the rainbow nation’, which is fitting as there are 11 official languages spoken. 

South Africa is a country of extremes and beauty, as you will find snow-capped peaks in the Drakensberg Range, beautiful white sandy beaches and large parts of the country you will find desert dunes. Also, if you are into wildlife then South Africa is perfect as you will have a chance to see Africa’s ‘Big Five’ in Kruger National Park. The country is about to host the football World Cup in 2010 and it’s the countries opportunity to show case just how beautiful it really is to the outside world. 



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