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Clubs and Pubs in India

Mumbai (Bombay)

Bombay's club scene is a small underground movement, which you would be unlikely to find without this web site. The only significant club worth checking out is Fire and Ice, which is Bombay's best and most famous club. It is located in Phoenix Mill, which is an industrial estate on Serepati Bapat Marg, in south Bombay. By most western standards this club isn't the best, but the music and lighting is the best in Bombay. If you really need a night out while you are in Bombay this is the club. It costs 800 rupees (£13) per couple to get into this club. They encourage you to go with another person. There is one last thing: don't be alarmed when you see that the security are soldiers, this is the case at most Indian restaurants or clubs. One other club worth checking out is Insomnia, which is located in the Taj Mahal Hotel. It attracts mostly locals, but you will see a few Western people there as well.




Delhi doesn’t have the best nightlife in the world, but it does have a few places to go and have a few drinks. The best area is around Connaught Place, as it has an abundance of pubs and clubs to check out. For all the latest events and what’s happening in the city go to the Hindustan Times ( or The Times of India ( for all the latest gossip.



Raving in Goa

For many years clubbers have been going to Goa for their infamous raves. This is especially true for those people who are into their trance music. This is where the music Goa trance originated from. Thousands of people used to dance on the beach with their UV products glaring till the early morning hours. Today it is a different story as the local government has put new laws in to place. They have made new regulations that stipulate all the music has to be shut off at 10:00 p.m. There aren't as many people coming for the raves as there use to be, but the ones that are just start partying earlier. There are still raves that go on a after 10:00 p.m. you just have to ask around. Keep it quiet though because you don't want the police to find out as they will shut it down. 




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