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Australian Capital Territory

Flag of Australian Capital Territory

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Things to do and See in Australian Capital Territory


Canberra is a city that is surrounded by lakes, trees, and lots of bush land, so its not surprising that it’s a city that likes the outdoors.

Parliament House

You have a chance to do a tour of the building as a tour takes 45 minutes and it gives you can see how the proceedings are going. For more information go to

Australian War Memorial

This massive war memorial houses pictures, weapons, and exhibits that show the history of wars Australia have been in. Another part of the memorial has the Unknown Soldier, whose remains were returned from a WWI battlefield in 1993 and who symbolizes all Australian war casualties. For more information go to

Australian Institute of Sport (AIS)

This is where Australia’s top athletes live and train. You can do tours and see how the athletes train. For more information go to

Canberra Space Centre

Located 40km southwest of Canberra, this is a place to see spacecrafts and also see a piece of lunar basalt scooped up by Apollo XI in 1969. For more information go to

Lake Burley Griffin

Located north of Canberra this is a great weekend getaway as you can go fishing, hiking, or even cycling.



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