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Flag of Romania


Romanian History

Romania is the largest of the Balkan states, and has seen several empires come and go, from the Roman, to the Ottoman to the Austro-Hungarian.

In 1913 Romania was at war against Bulgaria in the year-long Second Balkan War, and in 1916 joined the allied cause in World War I. The post-war re-organization of Europe saw Romania gain several territories from the dismembered Habsburg Empire.

In 1940, the Germans occupied Romania and the country joined the Nazis in their war against the Soviet Union. After WWII, the Communists gradually established their political power within the government and in 1947 the monarchy was deposed and the government declared the Romanian People’s Republic. They became a member of the Warsaw Pact even thought they didn’t fully agree with the Soviets. When Mikhail Gorbachev became leader of the Soviets in 1985 Romania saw that Independence was within there grasp as Gorbachev was loosing up there grip on the Eastern bloc countries.

Romania was officially welcomed as a new member of NATO and the country succeeded in gaining membership of the EU in January 2007. Other issues in the country are that there has been a strong lobby for the unification of Moldova and Romania, but this is fiercely resisted by the mainly Slav population.

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