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Flag of Slovakia

Table of contents

Intro into Slovakia

The Slovak Republic is situated in Central Europe, sharing borders with the Czech Republic, Austria, Poland, Hungary and Ukraine. The country divides conveniently into three regions: Bratislava and The West, Central Slovakia incorporating the mountains, and The East. There are towering mountain peaks and quiet valleys, glacial lakes with crystal-clear waters and also over 1300 mineral and thermal springs. Forests also cover two-thirds of the country, so if you are into the outdoors this the country to go to.

This country has been overshadowed by its neighbor to the north-west (Czech Republic) for years, but now with Slovakia joining the EU and tourism starting to boom people from around the world can see how beautiful this country is. Slovakia has one of the best International ice hockey teams in the world. If there is a game on when you are there be sure to check it out. The biggest rival is the Czech Republic as when these two teams meet it’s usually an excellent game.

I’m sure most people have seen the movie ‘Hostel’, which shows the country as a dirty, violent, and evil place. The fact is that the country is anything but what the movie made out to be. The only truth from that movie is that it’s full of beautiful looking girls that do like hearing an English accent. Slovakia is one of the most under-rated countries in Europe and we definitely recommend this country as it has something to offer for every visitor. For more information on the country go to



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