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Flag of Sweden


Swedish History

Sweden’s history dates back to the old Viking days, but its recent history dates to many wars with Denmark its powerful neighbor. During the 13th and 14th century there were may attempts to establish a United Scandinavia. The reason this never happened was because of an event on 1520, which was known as the ‘Massacre of Stockholm’ when Denmark tried to take over the Sweden and massacred thousands trying to do so. Sweden’s leader at the time was Gustav Ericksson Vasa and he fought off the Danes, which in turn he was crowned Gustav I and king of Sweden. Over the next century Sweden expanded its territory to include that of the Baltic regions and the country became one the most powerful armies in Europe. With the constant wars being fought with Prussia and Russia mainly, Sweden eventually lost most of its territory outside of Scandinavia by the 18th century and then mainly just concentrated on keeping there own territory.

In the 20th century the country under a socialist government stayed neutral during World War II and sold weapons to both the Allies and the Germans. After the war the country allowed several thousand immigrants to live in the country and today you will find in the bigger cities quite a mixture of ethnic groups.
In 1995, Sweden joined the EU, but in 1999 chose not to join the European single currency, which most of its citizens didn’t want the government to do. The country today has one of the strongest economies in Europe and one of the best social programs as well.



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