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Flag of Wales

Table of contents

Intro into Wales

Croeso I Cymru (Welcome to Wales)! Wales a country that has a long and interesting history, but unfortunately due to their powerful neighbors to the east Wales has been overlooked and dominated for years. English is spoken throughout Wales by a majority of the population. However, once you've learned the Welsh basics, you'll find that the language is more straightforward than English! The Welsh alphabet has 28 letters but has no j, k, q, v, x or z!

For being a small country Wales has a lot to over tourists, from mountains in the north-west to beaches along the south coast. The Welsh people are very friendly and they will defiantly make you feel at home. Wales is a beautiful country that has a lot to offer any traveler to the country. You can find beautiful castles throughout the country like the one in Caernarfon, or if you are into the outdoors Snowdonia National Park and the Cambrian Mountains are the place for you. I guarantee if you go to Wales you won’t be disapointed and I definatley recommend it. For more information on Wales go to



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