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Costa Rica

Flag of Costa Rica


Costa Rican History

In 1501 Christopher Columbus discovered Costa Rica, but the Spanish never really colonized it like they did in some of their other colonies and Costa Rica and the region came under the captaincy-general of Guatemala. The local indigenous tribes tried to put up a fight, but the Spanish were far to advanced for the local tribes.  The country eventually gained its independence in the 1821, but became part of Mexico. The Spanish lost their colonial territories as they couldn’t hold it due to them fighting wars back in Europe. A couple of year’s later Costa Rica was a founding member of the United Provinces of Central America, a short-lived confederation whose capital was Guatemala City. Costa Rica’s was more liberal political and it had different views from other members of the confederation, especially that of Guatemala and thus they fully gained independence in 1838. The country grew and prospered and in 1890 was the first country in the region to have democratic elections. The country has excellent relations with Nicaragua and Panama, which is probably the best among neighbouring countries in the region. In the 1950s the country made a decision to disband its army and rely on the defence of the country on its Civil Guard and its still like this today. The country today has a growing economy and tourism is bringing billions of dollars into the country yearly.

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