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Grand Anse Beach

Grenada Beach Resorts

Grand Anse Beach


Grenada has over 45 different beaches, but its most popular beach is Grand Anse, which is located near the capital of St. George. The majority of the tourists who go to Grenada are on package holidays and are from Canada, Britain and the USA. They go for the scenery, golden white sandy beaches and fantastic weather.

The beachfront at Grand Anse Beach is lined with loads of hotels and small guest houses. During peak season you will find the beach packed with tourists and one of the top attractions of the beach is all the water sports on offer. You can go jet or waterskiing, parasailing, or even snorkeling and some fantastic dive spots. If you came to Grenada to go diving it’s recommended that you go to the neighboring island of Carriacou, which is a short distance from Grand Anse Beach, but the diving there is the best in the country.

The nightlife in Grand Anse is centered on the waterfront, where people start the night at the many beachfront bars watching the sunset. From there the music gets turned up and the bars and clubs stay open till the early hours of the morning. For more information on Grand Anse Beach go to




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