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Brazilian Beaches


Buzios is located 170km north of Rio de Janeiro on Brazil’s Atlantic Coast. It has over 22 amazing beaches with crystal-clear water, which is perfect for a dive or just relaxing on the beach. The most popular of these beaches is Ossos Beach, which is popular with the snorkelers and people just wanted to chill on the beach.

Its history dates back to when pirates were using its beaches and it was used an entry for slaves coming in from Africa. In the 1960s things changed for this sleepy little town when Brigitte Bardot and Mick Jagger turned up. Since then the rich and famous have been flocking here to see what all the fuss is about and today it’s become one of the popular and sophisticated resorts in South America. Even though the resort gets many celebrates it still has a wide range of visitors from the budget traveler to the family vacation.

Some of the other popular beaches are Manguinho, which is known for its windsurfing. Armação, and Geribá are popular for its surfing appeal. If you are looking for something a bit different check out the spa resort of Pedra da Laguna at Ferradura Beach for some relaxing day treatments. 

If you are looking for the nightlife go to Ferradura, João Fernandes and Rua das Pedras for its abundance of bars and clubs in the area. We recommend you ask some of the locals in the area when you arrive to see what clubs and bars are the best at the time you are there. For more information go to





Natal is called the City of the Sun and it’s the capital city of the State of Rio Grande do Norte, which is one of the biggest tourist destinations in Brazil. It lies approximately 300km north of Recife, which is located in the top area of the country. Known for its beautiful beaches and high sand dunes, the city only recently has seen the big tourist boom hit and today you see extravagant hotels and restaurants popping up everywhere.

The majority of the tourists visiting Natal are families, couples and some package holiday makers from Europe. The area has many beaches, but the three main beaches are the surf beach of Praia dos Artistas, Praia de Areia Preta and Ponta Negra, which happens to be the place where the best bars and restaurants are located. If you like seafood then make sure to check out one of these restaurants as they have some jumbo prawns on the menu. For more information on Natal go to




Salvador is located in the Northeast of Brazil on the Atlantic coast of Bahia. This is arguably the most popular resort in Brazil among locals, as it has sun, surf, sea and beautiful white sandy beaches. The three most popular beaches are Itapoã, Stella Maris and the popular surf beach of Flamengo.

If you are looking for a bit of history then go to the centre of town and see the UNESCO World Heritage Site where African slaves were once traded and auctioned off to the top bidder. Also, if you are a bit more adventurous you can check out from waterfalls, canyons and caves, which are inland of the city.

The one thing that Salvador has over the rest of the beach resorts is its great nightlife. The best bars and clubs are located around the old city, which plays samba, dance, electronic, rock and about anything else you can think of. We recommend sticking to this area of town and you will find a place you’ll enjoy. If you want one crazy place, which is just a bit crazy then all the rest then check out the Fashion Club, which is one of the most popular clubs in the city. For more information on the city go to




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