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Flag of Paraguay


Paraguayan History

The Spanish discovered the area in the 16th century and by 1537 had settled the area. The established Asuncion as the capital and it soon became a main post for the Spanish on there conquests of other land on the continent like Bolivia, Paraguay and parts of Argentina. The country itself was hugely important to the Spanish as there was no great wealth there like found in some of the other South American countries. As the Spanish continued to ignore it and with the Napoleonic Wars in Europe they found themselves preoccupied in Europe and thus Paraguay declared independence in 1811. After gaining its independence it found itself in many wars with its neighbors. In 1865, Paraguay was in a war against Uruguay, Brazil and Argentina, which resulted in Paraguay losing much of its territory and roughly half of its population perished in the process. After that war the country found itself under several military governments, as even to this day the country is still unstable as demonstrations and riots re known to happen quite frequent. The economy is one of the poorest in South America and with this in mind it’s not hard to believe that there is always trouble brewing.

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