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Festivals & Events

Peruvian Festivals and Events

January – June (Festivals in Peru)


Virgen de la Candelaria

Puno, Peru

This colorful festival in Peru has local events that offer vigorous dancing, music, masks and fireworks


Semana Santa (Holy Week)

Lima, Peru

This celebration consists of colorful processions and partying in Lima.




Ausangate, Peru

This festival in Peru has thousands of brave people climbing the icy Ausangate Glacier, which is over 6384m to pay homage to the spirits of the mountains and retrieve chunks of ice to be used as holy water.



Inti Raymi

Cuzco, Peru

A traditional Inca sun worship occasion colorfully performed in front of the Sacsuhuayman fort, above the town of Cuzco.





July – December (Festivals in Peru)

Fiesta de Santa Rosa de Lima (St Rose of Lima)

Lima, Peru

This is a public holiday that’s celebrated with processions and music.


Procession of the Lord of Miracles

Lima, Peru

This festival has the whole of Lima turn out to sing, dance, pray, wear purple clothes and watch parades.



La Diablada

Puno, Peru

This Peru festival is on the shores of Lake Titicaca and it hosts an excellent party every year. The local mean dress up as demons and dance around a fellow local in full-on Dark Lord costume. It's a Peru festival you don't want to miss.









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