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Beach resorts

Margarita IslandPlaya Medina

Venezuelan Beach Resorts


Margarita Island

Located just 25km of the coast of Venezuela is the breath-taking Margarita Island. With over 50 beautiful beaches, it’s been called ‘The Pearl of the Caribbean’ and ranked one of the best in South America. Besides the amazing beaches you can go diving, snorkelling or deep-sea fishing, so whatever you are looking for activities you will find it here.

Most of the places on the island are all-inclusive package holidays, but there are other options for you if you want to come to the island. If you want to rent a beach front villa for a week you can do it here or if you want to just relax in a hotel you can do that as well. If you come to Venezuela we recommend that you visit this island, because we know you won’t be disappointed. For more information go to



Playa Medina

Located on the Paria Peninsula, this is one of Venezuela's best kept secrets. With it's beautiful beaches that are lined with coconut trees and a mountain backdrop, it's a place you don't want to miss. You won't find many tourists here, but the locals that go rave about it.








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